Sara Fondran is a Marvelous Mom!

Sara Fondran is our pick for Marvelous Mom of the Month! She’s brave, fun, and caring. That’s what we love about a mom like her! Sara and Jason are the proud parents of two sweet little boys who keep them on their toes 24/7. Nicholas, who is almost 3, will hang with the big boys all day long! It’s nothing if you find 15-month-old Zachary on a patio a couple of houses down in the neighborhood playing quietly on a friend’s familiar swing set. Sara has taught her boys to be independent and active!

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When I met Sara she was living on Jay’s boat. Yes, you read that correctly. Houseless. But not homeless. She is the type of gal that actually made living on a boat look fun and glamorous! After marriage they were later blessed with their first son. That didn’t slow down Sara one bit. She has taken these boys on more vacations than I have ever been! She straps one to her like a baby kangaroo and totes the other one close behind down the ramp to the plane. She works full-time for an advertising company in the Cleveland area. She drops both boys of at daycare each morning and rushes to work in heels and a cute outfit. She is also a nursing mom who has been known to pump in her car while on a conference call. Amazing!


Sara is so fun to be around and her kids exude this too! For her son’s birthday party she hosted about 100 people for a pig roast in her backyard and made it look so easy. She knows how to make people feel comfortable and have a good time. Sara has allowed the boys to each do things their own personal way and that makes them quite self-sufficient. She knows there will be boo-boos along the way, but she never freaks out about it. That’s hard to do with two young boys!

Congrats Sara, you are a Marvelous Mom and are raising wonderful boys! Nice job!



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