SackPals Are Soft, Cuddly, and Fun!

SackPals are these adorable little stuffed animals that come with a plush, soft sleeping bag. The stuffed animal pals actually stick to the sleeping bag with velcro. The cozy sack and little pals have replaced my daughter’s go-to sleep buddy, a sheep named Ba, that she has been sleeping with since she was six months old.

When my daughter first opened the SackPals, she didn’t know what to expect. Then one by one, she took out the animals and fell in love with each one.

Although all of the animal pals had names already assigned to them, she renamed them all.

Ironically, my daughter was visiting a farm at her summer camp the day after we opened the Sack Pals. She begged me to take her new SackPal friends with her. How could I say no????

The SackPals even came with us on our nightly walk. My daughter placed them on the scooter and pushed them along.

She insisted that they join us for a fun evening to get some fresh air before bed.

Then she snuggled up with them as she fell asleep. She kept commenting on how the sack was the softest and coziest blanket in the world! SackPals would make great gifts for birthdays and other events. It’s an excellent way to get kids to snuggle in at night with their new sleeping bag and stuffed animals.

The word sack conjures up old-timey childhood pleasures from a potato sack race to Santa’s big red bag. Now the Sack has been reimagined as a cozy mini-sleeping bag full of friends who will always stick around. Introducing SackPals ($39.95), the perfect pastime for boys and girls who like to snuggle and interact with an imaginary landscape that includes a dog, an elephant, a kitty and a turtle.

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“SackPals enables children as young as three to put themselves in the middle of their own daydream,” explains creator Susan Berggren. “Tots become instantly engaged and bring to life a fantasy world right in their lap.”

SackPals Starter Set • $39.95 • Ages 3+
Open up the sack and discover Henry, Emilee, Elliott and Theodore, the four best pals a kid could have. Start the storytelling by placing the plush on the sack’s exterior with a unique hook and loop system. To round out the storytelling is a group of SackBling – butterfly, ladybug, sun and a star. Moms will be thrilled to know the sack is washable!

“These are the best toys for keeping little ones interactive with their new buddies,” wrote a 5-star reviewer on Amazon. “It has lots of positive features that make this both a learning experience while promoting both cognitive and motor skills as well as emotional bonding with their new friends. All the SackPals adhere really well to the material and we hope to have years of fun and imagination with this set. This is a definite buy again as future gifts for friends, cousins and others. Can’t wait to throw a SackPal party!!!”

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