Rocket Ship Projection Alarm Clock: Coupon Code, Kickstarter Project and #Giveaway


Wake up!! That is the sound I make every morning. I am happy to have found the Rocket Ship Projection Alarm Clock by Big Red Rooster. Designer Brian Johnson has come up with a new line of alarm clocks that kids and adults will adore.


The first in a line of four designs, the Rocket Ship, projects four NASA images, 30 inches wide, on the bedroom ceiling or wall. Click on the optional timer and create a nightlight that turns off on cue. Project the exact time or planet Earth on the ceiling as kids drift off to sleep.

There’s an optional timer for the projection time and image to be set at 10 or 30 minutes. The rocket clock operates on 3 C batteries or an AC adaptor. Kids can choose from four NASA-inspired space images: a man on the moon, a space shuttle launch, the earth and the full moon. The out-of-this-world images make a great nightlight! Available at Amazon or the company’s site. The clock retails for $29.99 and really makes a great gift for anyone!

Discount Code: rocket20
What is offers: 20% discount on the order
Expires: 7/31/2016
Redeem it at

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My kids love this clock. It is very easy to use, has very simple buttons and my son likes to go to bed with an alarm set. He has been using one of our old alarm clocks which is a little hard to navigate. In an era of cell phone alarm clocks it’s hard to find a great alarm clock for kids, until now!

• Projects time and image on ceiling or wall up to 30 inches in diameter.
• The top of the clock rotates 340° and pivots 40°.
• 4 NASA images to choose from.
• Optional timer for the projection time and image can be set for 10 or 30 minutes.
• Easy to set alarm.
• Powered by 3 C batteries or AC adaptor.


Would you like a free Rocket Ship Alarm Clock? Enter the Giveaway Below: Good luck!!

Rocket Ship Alarm Clock

For more information please also check out their Kickstarter Campaign! The Kickstarter project for the Rocket Ship Alarm Clock has kicked off on Friday May 13th and they would love the support of our Mom Fab Fun readers in backing this Kickstarter project!

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