Reindeer In Here – The Perfect Snuggle Toy for the Holiday Season!

We have all heard of Elf on the Shelf, but if you’re ready to mix it up a bit, you should consider the adorable, soft, reindeer to snuggle with this Holiday Season with Reindeer In Here!
Even though it’s only October, it’s time to start thinking about the Holidays that are right around the corner!  Reindeer are to December like pumpkins are to October!  Don’t delay on stocking up on this great gift for all of the little ones in your life…you own kids, neices, nephews, friend’s kids, etc.  It’s the perfect host gift for your family member’s kids on Thanksgiving or friend’s kids at Friends-giving!
My daughter loooooves stuffed animals and it seems she can never get enough of them.  She is going to love the Reindeer In Here this time of year!  And the fact that it comes with a book means that we’ll get to enjoy reading together and have some educational fun, too!  Visit or you can purchase it right on Amazon
This in-demand gift set, Reindeer In Here, is all about hugs and wishes. It’s also about to become THE most demanded plaything based on last year’s Black Friday sales, the news media and the toy experts.  In its first year in retail, 1200+ retailers are stocking this award-winning plush & book gift set before another anticipated Black Friday sell out. Reindeer In Here, is capturing the hearts of America and creating positive family memories for the new modern family.
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Toy industry forecasters have awarded Reindeer In Here nine (and counting) national honors since its debut. It is now the Most Awarded Christmas Tradition Brand of 2018.  Beyond the gift set of an enchanting book and a soft plush reindeer, is a tale for children to hear again and again: being different is normal!  Turning the page, children discover a snowman with a candy cane nose, there are two cross-eyed penguins, one wearing glasses, a polar bear sprouts just three hairs on his head, and a little reindeer with two mismatched antlers gives Santa his best idea yet!
News outlets, from Newsweek & People to Fatherly & US Weekly, heard the buzz within the toy industry and began to tout how Reindeer In Here “officially solidified its place as the only bona fide direct competitor to Elf On The Shelf.”
Reindeer In Here’s beautiful box set made its debut on Black Friday 2017. In a matter of TWO hours, it completely sold out on Amazon! The gift and toy industries grabbed a few copies and began anointing it as the next big thing for Christmas cheer.
As demand exploded, more than 1200 neighborhood retailers, like Hallmark and Learning Express, quickly agreed to stock the plush-and-book boxed set (ideal for gift wrapping). Their Store Finder helps customers find a local store near them. This season, over 19 million in-home catalogs will showcase Reindeer In Here. Holy Dasher and Blitzen! And no wonder, based on the all 5-star rave reviews from Black Friday 2017 Amazonconsumers.
Here’s how it works: In early December the Reindeer In Here book and plush “magically” arrive for your child, setting the stage for a new yearly Christmas tradition.  It’s their first gift of the holiday season from Santa — and it came early!  As the parent surprises their child with this unexpected early Christmas present, they introduce them to the special untold story of the reindeer.
The nine awards for Reindeer In Here in 2018 are:
Creative Child Book of the Year Award Creative Child Preferred Choice Award
Mom’s Choice Gold Award PAL Award
Hot Diggity Award Tillywig Parents’ Favorite Products Award
The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval Toy Insider Top Holiday Toys
National Parenting Product Awards (NAPPA)





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What Is It? ❄

Reindeer In Here is a CHRISTMAS FRIEND, sent by Santa as the FIRST GIFT of the holiday season. Each reindeer has been sent for the month of December to get to know each individual child and celebrate that BEING DIFFERENT IS NORMAL. Each day the child and the reindeer go on adventures as the reindeer learns about each child’s likes, dislikes, friends, family, dreams, desires, and most importantly their TRUE CHRISTMAS WISHES.

At night when the children take the reindeer to bed with them, the reindeer ‘write notes’ back to Santa detailing their daily adventures. For the entire month, Santa learns more and more about each child from his reindeer and what their true Christmas wishes are. On Christmas Eve, each child puts their reindeer underneath the tree so it can join Santa on his trip back to the North Pole. Once Santa delivers each child’s true Christmas wishes, he gathers his reindeer and heads off to the North Pole…until early next December when the reindeer arrive once more and the Christmas tradition begins again!

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