Quick Easy Valentine for 22 Kids


My daughter has 22 kids to exchange Valentines with at school, so I picked up these Hello Kitty Valentines at Five Below. I like that they came with a sucker. Then I bought the heart rings at Target, which I thought were pretty cute. I just put the ring on the sucker and wove it through the paper and then taped the bottom to secure it. Wah lah! I had every intention of getting a little more creative, but that’s all she wrote.

A lot of the other kids had some really cute personalized candies wrapped and there are some really cool ideas on Pintrest. She got Frozen tattoos, Ninja Turtle masks, fun dip, Next year I plan on putting a little more time and energy into them, and hopefully having my daughter help me a little bit. 22 Valentines can take a lot of time to make!

My biggest problem is laying off the Vtine candy! I think I might need to just throw it away so there is no temptation!

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