Puffs Perfect for Cold/Flu Season! @Puffs #PassthePuffs

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This has been one of the coldest winters I can ever remember in Cleveland, Ohio. The kids have already had like 4 “too cold to go to school days.” All those frigid temperatures bring on the colds! Sniffles, stuffy noses, sneezing, allergies, you name it we have had it! With two young boys their sensitive skin can get worn from all the tissue use. That is why the Puffs Plus Lotion is great! It’s the most soothing facial tissue. It’s the perfect facial tissue for cold, flu, and allergy seasons. Puffs is the only national brand dermatologist tested to be gentle.

• Puffs Plus Lotion is the most soothing tissue Air-fluffed pillows for more cushiony thickness
• Puffs Plus Lotion is gentle on sensitive skin and contain a touch of Shea Butter, Aloe and Vitamin E to provide comfort for sniffles, sneezes and everything your face has to face.
• Puffs Plus Lotion is America’s #1 lotion tissue

They have some fancy new packaging too! Puffs comes in some great designs. I keep these all around the house. I love the Puffs Plus Lotion and their Puffs Purse Packs for cleaning up noses on the go! You can visit their Facebook Page for more information.

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

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