Product I Love: PooPourri

Cover your ears this is a total potty talk post. I live in a house with 3 boys (4 if you count my dog Walter) I am not going to get into all the dirty details (no pun intended) about bathroom habits. All I can tell you is it affects my life daily. I have a bathroom right by the garage door, so if an unexpected guest arrives I don’t want them to get greeted by an offensive odor! Well now I can sleep at ease with my new PooPourri.


I discovered PooPourri watching my favorite television show QVC. This is not like other bathroom sprays, PooPourri is a before you go spray. You put 4 sprays in the toliet, it creates a barrier in the loo and traps any offensive odor from your poo. Genius! I just received this product this week and IT WORKS! IT WORKS! It’s amazing.

I scheduled a demo with the boys of my house and it almost brought a tear to my eye when my 6 year old was following the instructions and after he went he said, “it smells good in here.” It did, it does, great product!

I will be buying more of these and putting a PooPourri in every bathroom in the house.

I wonder if they have a product for Walter my dog?


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