Preparing for the Easter Bunny!

Easter is one of the best holidays. Not only does it indicate the beginning of spring, but it’s also a time we spend with loved ones, especially our children. Easter morning is almost as exciting as Christmas, so why not prepare for the Easter Bunny similar to preparing for Santa? Have your little ones write out a letter to the Easter Bunny and prepare a snack for him for all his hard work in hiding the eggs.

On Easter eve, or early Easter morning, use Personal Creations’ bunny footprint templates to create bunny footprints around the house! They come in three sizes, and are simple as cutting on the dotted line, and sifting flour through the template. This shows the path the Easter Bunny took through your home or your backyard. Your children are sure to be in awe when they wake up and see the Easter Bunny came for a visit!

The Easter Bunny footprints are printable templates that you can cut out and use as a stencil to sift flour through. Once you’ve created a white footprint, slowly remove your template and you’ve got an Easter Bunny footprint! To download the templates Click Here.

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