Power to the Pink Sponge Curlers


Can you say old school? How many of you remember your mom putting these pink sponge curlers in your hair before bed and then waking up “curly girly?” I used to use them all of the time. I think I threw them out when I was in college thinking I would never have use for them again.


These curlers go back to the days when my mom had put them in my hair the night before our church directory pictures. She styled my hair for the pictures that morning, then ran an errand, and my dad let me run though the sprinkler and my hair was demolished! Luckily it’s easy to blow dry your hair, put the curlers back in, and blow dry it some more to get some decent curls quickly.

Then my daughter started dancing and performing in dance recitals. The noted style for all of the dancers was ringlet curls styled “half up.” Whenever I used the curling iron, the curls look gorgeous for about ten minutes but then start to fall very quickly, especially with Ohio’s humid summer weather.

So I went out and bought some pink (and green) sponge curlers. My daughter and I watched an adorable Youtube video together that described how to put them in, and then she allowed me to place the curlers in her hair. Just remember that the curlers work best when the hair is SLIGHTLY damp and then you leave them in overnight.


Needless to say, she woke up with gorgeous curls and they lasted through her day at school and then into the evening for the dance recital. I will definitely be using these again in the future! Power to the pink sponge curlers!

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