Positive Parenting with Kudo Banz

Positive parenting… we’ve all heard about, we’ve all tried it, but it’s easier said than done when your kids are acting up and just generally being brats! Enter Kudo Banz, an exciting new product that promotes the ideals of positive parenting in way that’s easy for you and fun for your kids! Kudo Banz promises to teach “kids to listen without yelling so you can spend your family time more positively.” Where do I sign up?!

Enter the Kudo Banz basic starter pack. The pack includes everything you need to get started with Kudo Banz for one or two children: a cute and endearing storybook, two Kudo Banz bands, six starter charms, a carrying pouch and access to the free Kudo Banz app.

I love the special features promoted on the Kudo Banz web site:

  • Exciting:  Storybook gets kids excited about their Kudo Banz and ready to learn.
  • Magical:  The band comes to life with magical Kudos. Scan & watch them appear!
  • Fun:  Magical Kudos unlock your child’s very own customizable reward wheel.
  • Effective:  On-the-go, timely rewards inspire lasting behavior changes.

To get started, I read the storybook to my kids, with the promise to get started with the bands the following morning. They loved the book and couldn’t wait to wear the bands themselves!


The next day I reminded the kids of the story from the night before, and gave them their bands: red for my son, blue for my daughter. I let them know that if they ate all of their breakfast, they would get a kudo. Lo and behold, they both cleaned their plates! They were so excited when I affixed the kudo charms to their band. A yellow star for my son, a green star for my daughter. Next up: no fighting for the next hour. I set a timer and let them play in the basement while I cleaned up the kitchen. When I started to hear some conflict, I let them know that they wouldn’t get their kudos if they couldn’t get along. They were perfect angels for the next hour! So when the timer went off, I broke out the kudo charms from the Safari Kudo Collection. Lions, tigers and bears, oh my! They delighted in the special animal charms from this expansion pack.


Later that morning we were headed to an indoor playground for a playdate. My son especially can get a little rambunctious with others, so I told him that if he (and his sister) were well-behaved during the playdate, they would get their third kudo AND get a chance to spin the wheel for a surprise! They were so excited that they kept checking in with me during the playdate, asking, “Mommy, do we get our surprise?”



After the playdate we drove home and I made a big deal about getting out my bag of kudos and rewarding the kids with their third and final kudos. I chose Drago and George, of course (echoing the book we read the night before) and scanned the kudos with my iPhone: first my son, then my daughter. They LOVED the instant animation and jumped up and down when they were able to spin the wheel for a customized reward. My son earned extra time outside and my daughter earned a favorite TV show, and both were delighted with their “prizes.” I told them it was time to start over, removing their kudos from their bands and putting them back in the bag. And on we went for the next week! I couldn’t believe the differences in their behavior and how effective this tool was in influencing how they acted at home and when we were out and about in public.

Of course it’s not just me experiencing these results… Kudo Banz recently received the Creative Child award for its innovative product. How cool is that? And if you’re looking for additional ideas for how to use Kudo Banz, be sure to visit the FAQ section of their web site.

So here’s the exciting news: for a limited time (until August 15), if you use our unique discount code of BloggerDeal114 when you buy a Starter Pack on our web site, you’ll get 50% off Your Choice of a Kudo Collection! And as an additional bonus, MomFabFun.com is featuring a giveaway offer for a Starter Pack!

Kudo Banz Giveaway

But don’t delay: if you know you need this in your life and want to buy using the above discount code, go ahead. If you then ultimately win the giveaway, Kudo Banz will refund your money from your purchase!

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