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Polli the Worry Eater is my new best friend! My daughter gets really scared when it storms and she hears the thunder and see the lightning strike. I have been struggling with how to get her to go to sleep when it is storming because she is frightened by the storm. Then I heard about Worry Eaters and I jumped on it!


I gave her Polli and explained to her that she is here for her any time she gets worried or scared, whether it’s a storm or something else. Polli will eat away her worries. She bought into it right away and actually started keeping Polli with her when she got scared. It was adorable to see her believing in the magic behind Polli and her ability to eliminate worries.

The next time it stormed she ran to get Polli and she calmed down immediately. It seems to always storm at night right when I am trying to get her to bed, so this worked out perfectly. She just snuggled with Polli and everything was ok.

If your kids have any fears, you should check out Worry Eaters at http://www.haywiregroup.com/worry-eaters
Worry Eaters are imported and distributed in the U.S. by Haywire Group, exclusive North American distributor of the plush collectibles perform a miraculous deed – they eat childhood fears and concerns! At a recent Blogger Bash in NYC, dozens of mom bloggers embraced Worry Eaters with enthusiasm because there just aren’t that many “emotional” toys out there that help families deal with worries, large or small. Worry Eaters have now arrived at neighborhood toy stores across the country or online.

Worried about starting a new grade or facing bullies at school? Have a military parent or difficulties at home? Feed it to your Worry Eater! The little softie with big eyes and a striped body comes in eight different personalities with names like Polli, Flamm and twins Bill and Betti.

Each character has a hang tag that explains to tots as young as 3 years old that if they write their concern on paper — or draw it if too young to write — and tuck it into the plush’s zippered mouth, their Worry Eater will hold on to that fear for them, so they can get a good night’s sleep. In the morning, their fears usually don’t look so large after all! Play on Words founder and speech language pathologist Sherry Artemenko tried out Worry Eaters with a bunch of kids and all agreed they are a great idea. Check out her blog post and video at http://playonwords.com/blog/2015/07/22/worry-eaters-start-the-conversation-of-emotional-language with the kids.

The Worry Eater collection is designed by German TV Animator Gerd Hahn. After a child feeds his or her worry to their plush pal, https://vimeo.com/118138493 parents have an opportunity to seek out the worry and talk to their children about their troubles at an appropriate time.

Each character boasts round, understanding eyes, soft bodies and a mix of two, three or more ears or horns! Worry Eaters are kind and cuddly in both good and bad times. With Enno’s two pointy ears or Saggo’s five tall striped ears, these pals create opportunities for children to talk to parents or other grownups. Enno, Saggo and six other fellow plush friends offer lots of reassurance to children that someone is always there to help.

Over a million Worry Eaters plush have been sold in Germany and until now were only available in Europe and the U.K.

Worry Eaters
$15.99 (S) & $22.99 (L) • Worry Eaters http://www.haywiregroup.com/worry-eaters
Ages 3+

The award-winning plush from Europe finally makes it stateside for children coast to coast to cuddle. Although they’ve just arrived, they’ve already received accolades from the following groups:

· 2014 Creative Child Awards Plush of the Year

· The National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval

· Mom’s Choice Award – Gold

· PAL Award

· Mr. Dad’s Seal of Approval

When times get rough, kids can jot down or draw their frets, worries and fears and feed it to Worry Eater. As child sleeps, mom or dad tiptoes in and discovers the scary concern. Next day a solution or discussion can be shared between child and grownup. A much healthier way to deal with stress and worry!

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