Polite PigPals Give the Positive Reinforcement our Kids Need to do the Right Thing

I grew up reading the book Pig Will and Pig Won’t, so it was always reinforced at my house to be a Pig Will. These Polite PigPals are a bunch of Pig Wills encouraging our kids to do the right thing.


From washing their hands after they go to the bathroom to cleaning up their toys, these pigs give the friendly reminder and the positive reinforcement they need to keep them moving toward the polite direction.


My daughter couldn’t wait to open these adorable pigs and find out what they say! She was so excited to open them and I made her wait until after she was finished with her breakfast, so she set them all around her cereal bowl.


They have many different phrases, so they’re not always hearing the same phrase.


She liked all of the pigs but this one is her favorite since it’s wearing a pink dress.


We are constantly trying to get her to clean up after she plays with a toy so it doesn’t look like a tornado came through our house, so the Polite PigPals Cleanup Crew is perfect for that!

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Whoever wrote those parenting books that suggest teaching kids healthy habits and good manners is a no-brainer must never have had a house full of active kids. Boys and girls forget to flush, leave dirty clothes on the floor and are the complete opposite of tidy. What’s a parent to do? One savvy mom had enough of nagging her two boys, so she created a set of talking pigs to reinforce good habits. Really!

Polite PigPals ($14.99 to $19.99) teach good manners through funny messages said aloud that make kids giggle and yearn to be neat.

As the video on website, MannersMadeEasy.com explains, Emmie and Max are sister and brother piglets. Their family recently moved from the farm to the big city. Emmie and Max are trying to learn all the manners of their new city as they prepare to go off to school, Piglet Prep. Max and Emmie can help your kids learn important skills to help make friends and feel comfortable in new situations.

It’s not just new situations but everyday chores where these piggies come in handy. Instead of asking your tots if they flushed or washed their hands, let the PigPals do it. Parent company Manners Made Easy did their research and uncovered that most parents try to teach their kids to put their things away but it takes constant repetition and parents can’t be everywhere at once.

Manners Made Easy has discovered that grownups truly appreciate these products as presents. Polite PigPals make perfect gifts for Mother’s Day or a baby shower (especially when expecting a second baby). September is National Children’s Good Manners Month. Polite PigPals are great gifts to celebrate these holidays or as a kindness gift to busy parents who could use a laugh with their sloppy kids!

Polite PigPals Cleanup Crew • $19.99 • Ages 3+
This welcomed crew clips onto any basket and cheers your kids on when they put things away. Great for toy boxes, dirty clothes hampers, or trashcans. Leave it to the Cleanup Crew to make youngsters giggle while they happily clean up their space. Nine funny messages rotate to keep them engaged, such as “Toss it in to win, great job my friend!”

Polite PigPals Bathroom Buddy • $19.99 • Ages 3+
Washing hands is a lifelong habit you’ll want to instill now. Polite PigPals thank kids aloud for flushing and cleverly remind them to wash their hands. You’ll catch them giggling as they wash! Nine rotating messages keep their attention.

Polite PigPals Hangup Helper • $14.99 • Ages 3+
Choose Emmie or Max to reinforce good manners and healthy habits. When your kids hang their things up, these piggies thank them for keeping things tidy. Almost a dozen rotating messages make kids smile or laugh aloud. For caregivers, there’s even a video online to help them install batteries.

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