Photo Scavenger Hunt Printables!

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Who doesn’t love a scavenger hunt? This is a great way to entertain kids of all ages. Especially if you are having a get together at your house and concerned about how to entertain all your guests!

These are 4 illustrated scavenger hunt pages based on popular locations — the beach, a BBQ, an amusement park, and the neighborhood — so you and your kids can make memories snapping photos in some of your favorite spots!

If your kids like games, this is a great way to have fun (and prevent any “I’m bored!” groans) do a photo scavenger hunt. Just choose one of these four adventures, grab your cell phones or cameras and go!

Click Here for Printables.

Scavenger Hunt Game Rules

You can make your own picture scavenger hunt rules depending on the location and amount of people participating. Here are a few suggestions:

• Each team or individual will be given a sheet with a list of items. You must find all items and snap a photo. Once the timer ends, whoever has the most pictures wins.

• If participating as a team, you must always stay together. One cannot wander off and try and find items on their own.

•Do not enter private property. If you need to ask a neighbor for an item or permission to take picture, do so.

• Play fair. Remember it’s all in good fun and there is no need to ruin someone’s good time.

• All items must be photographed on one phone or camera. It’s much easier to keep track that way.

• Make sure you set parameters within the search to avoid anyone getting lost.

• It is best to set a reasonable time limit, an hour is enough to accomplish most of the items above.

• Do not take a photo of two items together. They must be in separate pictures.

• If you’re setting point values to each item, make sure you are specific.

• Check off any found items in order to keep track. At the end of the challenge, your team will be asked to show a picture for each item checked off.

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