Perfect Craft Stepping Stone

Maybe it is because I love adding beauty to my backyard garden. Maybe it’s because both my boys could participate at the same time. Maybe it’s because the directions were so super easy to follow. Whatever the reason…..Perfect Craft Stepping Stone was my favorite craft to do with my kids EVER!

Once we agreed that we were going to make the stepping stone about the year we got our first family dog, it took just one afternoon from start to finish! Everything was included in the box so no need to go searching through your house for random lettering, paints, etc. There were unique shapes and different sizes of lettering to make it your very own design.

I cannot stress how easy this was to make! You create the design “backwards” inside the mold.

Mix the powder cement with water and massage in the bag for 3 minutes.

Pour the mixture into the mold that is ready and waiting on a flat surface. We chose to do this indoors because I was afraid of debris or bugs getting into it. It wasn’t messy at all!

We took a break in the action for a few hours to let it set. Then just flip it over and out it comes!

Now it’s time to add some color! If there was a challenging step, this one would be it. We chose the smaller of the two sizes of lettering, so my 6-year-old had a harder time keeping inside the lines with the paintbrush. I like to call those types of errors a “Beautiful Oops!” and I ended up just going over some areas. No biggie at all!

And voila! We have a pretty stepping stone to beautifully accent our backyard plants and remind us when our family grew with puppy love. I love it!

This craft is perfect for rainy days, too hot days, and just time to unplug the electronics days!

Look for these craft kits online and in specialty and big box stores now:                                                                       New! Perfect Craft Stepping/Memory Stone • $19.99 • Age 6+




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