Paper-to-digital coloring books

When I was a kid, my mom would hang torn-out, scribbled-upon pages from coloring books on the walls and the refrigerator. I took great pride in my “creations” and the way they were shared with other members of my family.

Today, coloring pages can be shared in so many more ways, thanks to products like the My Little Pony Coloring Book Set & Digital Crayon Stylus ($7.99), one of the newest offerings from Painting Lulu™ by Flycatcher. This groundbreaking product delivers not only a traditional coloring book, but also a wide variety of fun, interactive features when paired with the corresponding app.

Each coloring book comes with five traditional crayons as well as a rubber crayon-shaped stylus that works on the screen of a smartphone or tablet. First step is to download the Painting Lulu app for the appropriate coloring book (we tested the My Little Pony and Batman versions). Your child can then color the pages as he/she would normally. The app can then be used to enhance and add special features to the pages.


Pages in the coloring book can be captured via the app and then colored digitally within the app (see above). My kids, particularly my 3 1/2-year-old son, who is not a fan of traditional coloring but loves his iPad, really enjoyed this feature. Finished pages can be saved and then shared with other friends and family or even via social media, which is a fun way to pass along the kids’ artwork to grandparents.

The apps also allow users to take selfies within themed frames, and then “color” over those within the app. My 2 1/2-year-old daughter loved scribbling over her face after she took a My Little Pony-themed selfie.


My kids had better luck using their fingers to color on their devices as opposed to the included rubber stylus. In addition, the different coloring books had separate apps that needed downloaded to access the special features. A possible improvement would be to have one app to encapsulate all coloring books in this series. However, overall this product enhanced the basic activity of coloring in a coloring book and made it more exciting. My kids love anything incorporating the iPad and if it gets them to be creative and artistic, I’m all for it!

Coloring books are available in the following themes: My Little Pony, Batman, Barbie, etc. Watch for these products in your local Toys ‘R Us retailer in early March. In the meantime, check out this YouTube video that shows how it works!

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