Ojas Jars – Cleveland Local, Organic, Gluten Free, Vegan, Health Food Delivery

I was at a friend’s for brunch and she had the most amazing food! My favorite things that she served were the lemon chia balls and the chocolate rose balls from Ojas Jars – a Cleveland local, organic, guten rree, vegan, health food delivery company.

How it Ojas Jars Works: 

  • At the beginning of each week, the owner Sam Doyle sends out an order form for the Ojas Jars menu.
  • Delivery takes place on Tuesday afternoon/early evening of the following weekPlease fill out your order form by Saturday 
  • The menu for the food that will be delivered on Tuesday is listed with the prices per item and the minimum order price is $75. 
  • Here is the link for the menu order form. Pull up while filling out this form and list the item and quantity you would like in the “Order” section of the form. You can specify if you have special requests, food intolerances, or allergies…..Sam is happy to accommodate. 
  • Cash or Venmo is accepted for payment. If you wish to use Venmo, please list your Venmo username at the bottom of the order section. After your information is sent, Sam will send you an order invoice. 

Contact Sam with any questions via phone at (440)-799-3774, or email at ojasjars@gmail.com and she will be sure to respond promptly.

Sam Doyle samanthalwellness.com

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