Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas!

Kids love candy! But the idea of a whole basket full of candy leaves some of us Moms thinking…no way! What else can I put in there! Here are some great last minute non-candy Easter Basket Ideas!

• Chameleon Kidz, introducing a new travel set this summer, a Stationery Set ($4.99) works great. All of their creativity products work stories about for the “A” in STREAM products, for spring break or summer travel, for rainy day indoor play, Arts & Crafts and birthday gifts.

• Circuit Scribe the Mini Maker Kit is $9.99 and is an introduction to making circuits.

• My First Lab Parent company C&A Scientific has been making microscopes for kids for almost 20 years. This year their new STEM Starter Kit ($18.50) turns your smartphone into a high-powered microscope for STEM learning on the go!

• Top Trumps (the Trump that’s here to stay, ha ha) has four new STEM-themed card decks that play the same as the other 60+ decks in the line, ranging from Marvel and Harry Potter (content written by J.K. Rowling) to Mischievous Cats or Creatures of the Deep. Fun & educational gifts, or great for travel.

• Smart Toys and Games – The company’s Compacts and Pockets games are perfect for Easter Basket gifts!

• Whiffer Sniffers introduces two new Series each year. This year, Series 6 of its scented plush backpack clips (parts 1 and 2) are available now. Willy Hyde is the Easter character this year. Whiffer Sniffers come in blind packs for a chance to find Rare characters, and gold bags for Super Rares.

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