New Year…New You!! Fashion for a Mom-on-the-GO!


New Year….New You!!

I see this phrase plastered on posters at the gyms, in fitness magazines and, of coarse, the fashion magazines.  I will admit that I eat it UP!  Seeing this phrase motivates me to step up my fitness regime and my sense of style!!  After months of focusing on gift wrapping, entertaining, and cookie making I am ready for a little me therapy.  It doesn’t mean that I had to run out to the store and throw away everything in my closet. INSTEAD… I took a peak at the times in my closet and thought…what can I create that is new and on trend (and it must be comfy, while I play with my kids and fold laundry, as well as run them to all of their activities and maybe I’m going to grab dinner quick after)! This was a challenge I was up for!

And TA-DA…I put this outfit together AND I LOVE IT!  The camo oversized Bellamy camo clutch from Stella and Dot is great!  I can throw it in my carry all bag when I have the kids and grab it out and be ready for dinner or lunch.  Of coarse when you add a little leather from my Athleta leggings,  with a touch of camo , and wedge Chuck Taylors it does make me feel edgy and on trend!  And don’t forget to add some simple jewelry for a finished look and the Anda Intention Bracelet are a great way to remind you of how to remain balanced through a crazy mom day!

This outfit has hit all of my criteria…fashion forward, cozy and able to bounce from day to casual evening out with the family!


Tux Metro Leggings ~ Athleta $73.99

Parker Fit Chambray Boyfriend Shirt ~ Banana Republic $88.00

La Nite Tank ~ Free People $20

Bellamy Clutch Camo ~ Stella and Dot $59

Kari Layered Necklace 2 in 1 (gold) ~ Stella and Dot $59

Pave’ Arabesque Chandelier Earrings (gold) ~ Stella and Dot $49

Anda Intention Bracelets (Courage and Strength) ~ Stella and Dot $39 each

Farren Pulley Bracelet ~ Stella and Dot $29

Converse Wedge Chuck Taylors (white) ~ Amazon $82






  1. Awesomely put together outfit! Sometimes I forget that there are creative fresh ideas to be had right in my own closet! And comfort is a must as is the ability to flip flop form kids activities to adult time out in the same outfit. Thank you!

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