Neat-Oh! Barbie and Star Wars Storage Bins to Help Keep Toys Organized

I am CONSTANTLY picking up toys! I feel like Cinderella for goodness sake. It seems like no matter what they are all over the place! That was until we started using these adorable Neat-Oh! storage bins.

Barbie storage for girls:

Star Wars storage for boys:

The Barbie Storage Bin is perfect for my daughter and all of her Barbies, shoes, outfits, brushes, etc. She finally has a stylish way to put her Barbies away! It makes it way more fun to put her toys away.


This is the perfect holiday gift for any boy or girl that could use a little more organization in their life. It’s also a fun way to hold the Christmas gifts instead of wrapping them or using a gift bag!

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Here’s some more info about Neat-Oh! and some of the other NEAT toys they have to offer!

Northfield, IL (November 3, 2016) – Did we just hear Santa bellow ho-ho-Neat-Oh! It wouldn’t surprise the toy buyers at this playful company where fun and games for all is their mission. They suggest this holiday season wrapping up a doll, activity set or plush pal that parents, grandparents and kids will enjoy, together, for a memorable moment or a long visit. Childhood is a time to be playful since that’s how boys and girls discover lifelong skills of sharing, taking turns, imagining and sometimes expressing feelings.

The folks behind Neat-Oh! are ASTRA (American Specialty Toy Retailing Association) Certified Play Experts. Every toy is carefully designed and developed to help kids what they do best — play! “Play is important for a lifetime,” explains Dee Farrell, Senior VP for Neat-Oh!® International, from her Northfield, IL office. “Each of our brands, from Everyday Princess™ dolls and Splushy™ pals to Magnutto® Junior sets, helps kids play with purpose.

Imagination, problem solving, self-expression, critical thinking and self esteem all emerge when playing with toys.” This holiday shopping season, consider Neat-Oh! as the go-to toy source for amazing creative play packaged with cool licenses.

Their website and online store at, features Star Wars, Barbie and out-of-the-box thinkers like Splushy wet/dry plush and Magnutto EQ (emotional quotient) themed toys.

Neat-Oh! has over 100 national awards that prove neat and fun go together. Their topical divisions – from Dinosaurs and Barbie™ products to Hot Wheels™ products and Nici® Wonderland – can easily make every kid on your holiday list joyful! Got a house full of siblings who crave privacy? Install the T-Rex roaring Room Guard for a scary laugh!

The Neat-Oh! Dinosaur Projector and Room Guard ($49.99) is actually two cool toys in one.

New this season is Everyday Princess™ Julia – The Artist Doll & Accessories ($12.99) kit. This pretty Latina brunette boasts an artsy vibe. She arrives with an artist easel, apron, painter’s palette and stickers. Consider a switch from educational toys to emotional-outlet ones with the charming set of Magnutto® sets offerings.

For example, Magnutto Junior Make a Mood ($24.99) encourages tots aged five and up to play out their feelings with more than 100 thick magnets of head-to-chin characteristics!

There are no sad feelings if Splushy™ Clicker Dolphin ($14.99) gets wet as this unique pal is meant to be wet or dry for a round-the-clock adventure. New this year are four sea creature-themed Splushy pals including a sea turtle and a sea lion.

Listed in alphabetical order are New for 2016 Holiday Top Toys for a neat and jolly gift-giving experience: Barbie™ Products Neat-Oh! Barbie™ On The Go Storage Organizer Desk • $24.99 Designed by Moms to keep their cars neat! With 2 interior compartments, and 4 external pockets every book, water bottle and pencil has its place.

There are long handles for easy transport and best of all the lid doubles as a padded lap desk. Neat-Oh! Barbie™ Jet Set Hotel & Decorator Magnets • $16.00

The case opens to an interior compartment that holds 3 dolls and a fold out magnetized hotel room. Using the included 20 magnets, decorate and change the view from the hotel room!

Neat-Oh! Barbie™ 40 Doll Storage Bin • $14.99 At 11” deep, the sturdy Barbie 40 Doll Storage Bin is one of Neat-Oh!’s largest storage items. It’s a straightforward, easy way to store up to 40 Barbie dolls. BARBIE and associated trademarks and trade dress are owned by, and used under license from, Mattel, Inc. © 2010 – 2016 Mattel, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Dino-mite Presents If someone in your house can pronounce or even spell Velociraptor or Triceratops then the Neat-Oh! collection of dinosaur-themed products is for you!

Here are two best sellers: Neat-Oh! Dinosaur Projector and Room Guard • $49.99 This is a two-part present. First, this high-quality T-rex shaped projector offers 24 dinosaur images that will project onto bedroom walls. Second, a trembler alert makes your T-rex roar when picked up and a motion sensor detects movement. Neat-Oh!

Dinosaur Iridescent 5 Piece Gift Set • $24.99 • Ages 3+ This 5-piece beautifully designed hand-painted iridescent figurine includes a solid (not hollow) Velociraptor, Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Brachiosaurus, and Stegosaurus. The back of the gift set box is printed with 5 cut out collector cards that describe each dinosaur along with fun facts!

Neat-Oh! Everyday Princess™ Dolls Neat-Oh! knows every little girl is a princess, everyday – no crown required™. The newest personality in this sweet collection is Julia.

Neat-Oh! Everyday Princess™ Julia Doll & Accessories • $12.99 • Ages 3+ Smartly dressed Julia comes in a teal top and poufy skirt tied together by a pretty scarf worn around her neck. An artistic adventure awaits with accessories that include an easel, stickers, paint palette and of course, an apron.

Hot Wheels™ Products Neat-Oh! Hot Wheels™ On The Go Storage Organizer Desk • $24.99 Designed by Moms to keep their cars neat! With 2 interior compartments, and 4 external pockets every book, water bottle and pencil has its place. There are long handles for easy transport and best of all the lid doubles as a padded lap desk. Hot Wheels and associated trademarks and trade dress are owned by, and used under license from, Mattel, Inc. © 2016 Mattel, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Magnutto® Junior Sets Because children need to learn to read more than just words.

These three magnetic activity sets help improve a boy’s or girl’s Emotional Quotient (EQ).

Neat-Oh! Magnutto Junior Make a Mood – Educational Magnetic Activity • $24.99 • Ages 5+ Designed to help children identify, express, understand and respond to feeling and emotions, boys and girls manipulate the foam magnets to create a facial mood. English, French & Spanish vocabulary cards teach tots how to express themselves in three languages!

Neat-Oh! Magnutto Junior Make A Dino – Educational Magnetic Activity • $24.99 • Ages 5+ Kids adore dinos and sometimes expressing emotions using a dinosaur is easier (and more fun) for tots! This kit offers 122 large magnets that create a full body design from horns to tails. The enclosed English-French- Spanish activity cards makes this an educational adventure that kids will ask for again and again.

Neat-Oh! Magnutto Junior Make a Pet – Educational Magnetic Activity • $24.99 • Ages 5+ Whether it’s a woof or a meow, kids just “get” their pets and their wagging tails. Learning empathy for our furry friends is a good thing, too. Like all three sets, there is a sturdy easel box to use and reuse. A list of emotions in French, English, Spanish and examples of animal pet expressions are included.

Nici® Wonderland Dolls Welcome to Wonderland, the softest plush dolls in the world. Nici Wonderland Miniclara the Cowgirl • $24.99 • Ages 2+ Clara stands 11.81 inches tall from her cowboy hat to her brown boots.

Nici Wonderland Minisophie the Soccer Player • $24.99 • Ages 2+ This #7 soccer player comes with her own ball! Nici Wonderland Minimargaret the Doctor • $24.99 • Ages 2+ Say ahhhh to this doctor who smartly carries a surgical mask!

Give me an S • Give me a P … Yeah Splushy™ Toys! Bring home 11 inches of adorable-ness with these four sea creatures, just introduced this year. Each is meant for water play as the animal’s clothes can be removed and dried. These bright soft plushly pals are made with Microban anti-microbial filling. That makes them perfect for the bathtub or pool as they will not mildew.

Neat-Oh! Splushy Barker Sea Lion • $14.99 • Ages 2+

Neat-Oh! Splushy Chomper Shark • $14.99 • Ages 2+

Neat-Oh! Splushy Clicker Dolphin • $14.99 • Ages 2+ Neat-Oh!® Splushy Snapper Sea Turtle • $14.99 •

Ages 2+ Star Wars™ Products May the force be with you — on the go or in your house — with these seven fun and functional gift ideas! ©2015 Disney.

Neat-Oh! Star Wars Episode 7 Character Storage Bin • $14.99 • Ages 3+ Holds up to 1000 bricks, figures and other toys & accessories. Neat-Oh Star Wars Episode 7 Storage Tin • $12.99 • Ages 3+ Sturdy tin with a latch to protect contents. Holds 18 cars!

Neat-Oh! Star Wars Vehicles Tin • $12.99 • Ages 3+ Lightweight, with a handle for easy portability. Holds 18 cars!

Neat-Oh! Star Wars Character Storage Bin • $14.99 • Ages 3+ Durable design meets dashing graphics in the perfect combo to compliment any Star Wars collection.

Neat-Oh! Star Wars ZipBin® Space Case • $24.99 • Ages 3+ Unzip the toy box to find an incredible play area for your favorite Star Wars characters!

Neat-Oh! Star Wars Play Mat • $14.99 • Ages 3+ Playmat puts the entire galaxy within reach! When play is done, roll up or fold and stow away!

Neat-Oh! Star Wars Vehicles Millennium Falcon™ ZipBin® Race Case • $19.99 • Ages 3+ The Falcon unzips to a 2-lane raceway where you can race to become the fastest vehicle in the galaxy!

Thomas & Friends™ Sets Thomas & Friends Emotions Express Mini Tin • $ 6.99 This 4” x 4” tin helps children to explore emotions through play. Gift givers can be assured that Neat-Oh! products are manufactured to the highest quality and safety standards. The company’s comprehensive product testing program exceeds industry requirements. It tests for 19 heavy metals, not the mandated 8, it hand sews products, and it uses self-repairing zippers and food-grade inks. Fans of Neat-Oh! products can follow them on social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube.

Neat-Oh! is a company born from creativity, innovation and true care for children and parents. They have been making playtime even more “special” for over 10 years, offering a large range of products such as Dinosaur Toys and Storage, Every Day Princess™ dolls, Magnutto® Junior Activity Sets, Splushy™ Friends for the Pool, ZipBin® Toy Storage and Barbie™, Hot Wheels™, Thomas & Friends ™ and StarWars™ licensed products as well. With over 100 awards and endorsements from parents across the globe, Neat-Oh! products are recognized for superior quality, workmanship and materials. Their 100% satisfaction guarantee and world-class safety testing programs make it easy for discerning parents who want only the best and safest products in their home. For more information, visit

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