My Organizing Advice in 2014…Unsubscribe


I know we are well under way in the new year, but I am all about getting organized in 2014. I have been trying to get my closet organized and donate things that I don’t need or use. There is a Planet Earth donation box really close to my house and it is important for me to donate things I don’t use since if someone else could use it.

But one of the biggest things I have been doing is unsubscribing to emails that I do not actually use on a weekly basis. I am sucker for marketing, so I still keep the deals coming from my favorite stores. But if I receive weekly emails that I don’t open or ever do anything with, I have decided to go ahead and hit unsubscribe. Things have just been busier than ever lately and I just don’t want to waste any more time using technology when I could be spending quality time with my family. It’s hard enough to detach from all of those electronic devices in our lives as it is, so I don’t need anything else tempting me to stay logged in longer. It’s hard to work down your email list, and unsubscribing is a quick way to do it!

How are you getting organized so far this year?

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