My Little Pediatrician Kit and Giveaway!


Is there a doctor in the house? There might be with the new set of toys from Little Medical School. Little Medical School has launched a retail line of kid-size healthcare wear, gear and activity items and they align perfectly with the need for more STEM products.


I wish I had these toys earlier. My younger son Sean has been in and out of hospitals since the day he was born. He was born with a rare genetic disorder and had a liver transplant at the young age of 20 months. He has always had a curious mind about doctors, healthcare wear and stethoscopes. This kit is perfect for a child who has a general interest to dress up as a doctor or to teach kids about health and medicine. The medical kits come is a variety of options, you also have sticker kits to help kids learn about what is inside of their bodies.

The Kits available are:
My Little Pediatrician Kit $49.99
My Little Veterinarian Kit $49.99
My Sports Medicine Kit $49.99

There are other accessories available as well:
White Doctor Coat $12.00
Organ and Skeleton Sticker Set $30.00

These toys are wonderful for children of all ages 4 – 12. Little Medical School toys is a great STEM program bringing medicine, science and the importance of health to your children in an entertaining, exciting, and educational way. Who knows your Little Pediatrician may turn into an actualy Pediatrician some day!


GIVEAWAY TIME US-only, the winner can pick one of the three kits: My Little Pediatrician kit, My Little Veterinarian kit, or My Little Sport Medicine kit.

Little Medical School Kits – Giveaway!

Learn More about Little Medical School visit their website:

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How can you get children to aspire for careers in health care such as medicine, nursing, pharmacy, dental and veterinarian medicine? That’s the mission of the founder of Little Medical School, Mary Mason MD, MBA, FACP. Her innovative educational company creates mini-medical, nursing, pharmacy, dental and veterinarian school experiences for children ages 3-14. Through hands-on demonstrations, crafts and games, children are actively engaged as they explore the world of healthcare. New for 2017 is the launch of a retail line of award-winning educational kits and products, created in response to demand from family participants of the Little Medical School locations. A percentage of proceeds of the new line will be donated to the Dr. Genie’s Kids Foundation. The Foundation provides scholarships for children to be exposed to the many healthcare career paths. Dr. Mason is a mother of three, all of whom she proudly notes attended Little Medical School! For more information, click on

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