My Favorite Fitness App – Mapmyrun


I am not the kind of person that was “born to run.” Although I enjoy it now, I didn’t always. It wasn’t until after my darling daughter was born that I decided to ditch the long walks and pack in the most I could for a shorter duration of time to burn more calories.

It is so much easier to run outside (now that the weather is finally getting warmer) than it is to run on the treadmill. Even though I catch up on some good “trash tv” while I am on the treadmill, it still can’t top the tranquility of running (or walking) outside.

Whether or not you are a walker or runner, the MapMyRun App is an awesome way to track how far you went and how many calories you burn. It’s important to input your weight as well if you would like the results to be more accurate for your calorie burn. It also tells you each time you hit a mile how long it took for you to walk or run that mile, which can be motivating. I now know exactly how long it takes for me to run a mile and if my time is slower when the woman in the phone announces it, I pick up the pace a little bit for the rest of my workout.

The App also tells you your “split pace” which is when you run multiple miles, the average time per miles you ran during that workout.

It’s easy to start, stop and get the results of your workout. I use the Pandora App at the same time to listen to music and often times I talk on the phone. The MapMyRun woman still chimes in to let me know my fitness updates even when I am using other Apps simultaneously.

This App has a lot more to offer such as inputting when you buy new tennis shoes so it can alert you when it is time to buy new ones based on the amount of miles you run. I do not use these fancy features though because I am basically just looking to find out how many miles I walked/ran and how many calories I was able to burn.
Give the App a try and see if you are going as far as you think you are when you head outside for your workout!

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