Moosh-Moosh Plushies

If your kids are like mine, they can’t get enough of stuffed animals. Their bedrooms abound with furry friends of all types. Finding unique plush toys can be difficult, but Moosh-Moosh Plushies are truly in another category. From the moment my kids felt the super-soft fur of the Moosh-Moosh animals, they knew these were a different class of stuffed animal. Squishy, huggable and… well, mooshy… these Moosh-Moosh plush animals are a great addition to your kids’ existing arsenal of toys.

These lovable companions come in a number of sizes and characters. We loved the larger sizes of the Brewser the Doberman ($14.99) and Blossom the Caticorn ($14.99) plushies. Not only do my kids enjoy snuggling and playing with them, but I can see them serving as great car pillows on our upcoming road trip to the beach.

As the web site explains, “Moosh-Moosh Plushies are the softest, squishiest, cuddliest plush buddies on the market today. The award winning new soft plush toy is getting rave reviews from children, tweens, teens, and kidults! Made from the softest plushest fabric, kids will love Moosh-Moosh Plushies and will squish them, play with them, and cuddle with them from morning to night. Carry them in the car, to school, or on vacation because your Moosh-Moosh Plushie will be your cuddly squishy new best friend.”

Other products on the web site include slippers, “skwishys” (smaller plush animals) and hooded blankets. Moosh-Moosh products make fantastic gifts for every member of the family! Order today and get free shipping on any order over $49.

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