MoMo’s Shanghai Rummy

My 10-yr-old LOVES cards. Any game, any time. MoMo’s Shanghai Rummy had us laughing and playing for hours! 

Every family has a memorable Auntie Mame-like relative who could light up any room with her wit and escapades. Such was the inspiration for the Armstrong family of Tulsa, OK. Their family game company, SolidRoots (, gives a wink to MoMo the family matriarch known for her cigarettes and cocktail hours. As back-to-school season blends into the holidays, add MoMo’s Shanghai Rummy card game ($16.99, to limited-but-precious family time — and make new memories.

The two-deck card game is reminiscent of Gin Rummy with a twist. Shanghai Rummy is played with two  decks of 52 cards. You won’t find any black 2s in the decks because MoMo considered them to be wild cards so SolidRoots substituted Jokers for them, plus two more Jokers, with MoMo as the Joker. MoMo’s game is ideal for ages 8 and older. Just like in other rummy games, one card is placed face up to form the discard pile. Each game has seven rounds and the rules to play each hand are different. Complete instructions are tucked inside every purse.

Yes, a black cigarette purse with MoMo’s image is part of the whimsical appeal of this card game that requires no Wi-Fi, texting nor cords. It is the type of around-the-kitchen-table pleasures that grandchildren learned from their cigarette-smoking, cocktail sipping grandparents. Conversation, laughs and friendly competition were part of the fun. Bring back their old-fashioned notions to your next family gathering. It was so nice to unplug and reconnect with my son!



MoMo’s Shanghai Rummy • Ages 8+ • $16.99 • Available in NOW in time for the holidays!

Open up the sleek cigarette pouch to find two decks of cards and official rules

plus quick reference cards. Find the Joker card and you’ll find MoMo looking

sharp with her pearls and big eyeglasses. Find MoMo online at:


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