Modarri Monster Trucks

A couple of years ago we had the opportunity to review Modarri cars and loved their mix & match building system. Both of my children loved making new, unique vehicles from the various pieces and parts. So when we found out about the new Modarri monster truck series, we were very excited.

These fun and fierce vehicles come in three styles: Team Sharkz (pictured above), Jurassic Beasts (pictured below) and Space Invaders. Just like the other Modarri cars, all the components of these monster trucks can be mixed and matched to create unique styles. Chassis, fender, hood and frame mix-and-match parts sit atop four large soft rubber tires… and all parts are interchangeable with other trucks.

The monster trucks are easily dissembled and reassembled using the included screwdriver. Both of my children (ages 5 and 6) can easily manipulate the tool and quickly take apart the toys and put them back together. In addition, the screws stay in the truck parts, so no need to worry about losing small pieces!

We have thoroughly enjoyed all of the products we have received from Modarri. All of their toys, including these new monster trucks, are made from high-quality materials. We’ve had a few of them for a couple of years and they have withstood very active play from both of my children! I’m always excited when I see this company come out with a new product.

Each monster truck pack comes with all of the parts to build one car plus the assembling tool for $19.99. Visit to learn more about all of their exciting products! This will be a definite win for your child at holiday time this year.

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