Moana Disney Movie Launch Party

My husband took my daughter to see the new Disney movie, Moana, in the theater around the holidays and he gave me the option to go shopping during the movie, so I decided to shop instead. When they got out of the movie, they were raving about how much fun they had and how much they loved the movie! I hated to miss it, but I really enjoyed strolling around the mall with my Starbucks.

When we found out the movie was coming out on DVD, my husband had the idea of having a Moana launch party with a few of my daughter’s friends to debut the movie.

I picked up some sunglasses and leis for the girls to wear to make more festive.


We kept it simple and ordered some pizzas.


And of course some popcorn during the movie and then cookies with flowers on them for a delicious after dinner treat.


I found anything Hawaiian, beachy, and floral in my house and put it out to add some Hawaiian décor.


I picked up some tropical colored candles to set out and add some tropical aroma.


Everyone got a kick out of the pineapples that were wearing sunglasses.



It was such a fun night and my daughter and her friends had such a blast!

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