MITCHELL’S HOMEMADE ICE CREAM is a real treat for Downtown Cleveland!

Within walking distance of the West Side Market, Great Lakes Brewing Company, and Townhall, this historical building turned ice cream factory is the place to be! Take a tour of Mitchell’s Homemade ice cream located on W25th street downtown. The tour only takes about 15 minutes, comes with your personal guide, and you get to enjoy their deliciously unusual 100% homemade flavors at the end.


Originally a theatre, Mitchell’s opened here in April of 2014. Now, you can buy this homemade ice cream at Heinen’s and other local retailers. They even have vegan flavors, sorbets, frozen yogurts, cakes, pies, malts, sundaes, and so much more!


The above picture is what their rooftop looks like. Mitchell’s is very concerned about the environment and using any natural power and resources available, including the sun!


photo-3-7  All of their chairs have been made using 111 plastic bottles!

I think the piece of knowledge I enjoyed most was learning that all their flavors come from real fruit and vegetables grown locally for the most part.


In the fall they will be featuring a roasted corn flavor and if you look closely in the left corner of this picture below, there is an employee actually shucking kernels of corn into barrels!!


The staff is very nice and patient when we asked to sample just about every flavor they had. Among our top choices (for that visit) was Toasted Pistachio, Coffee Chocolate Chunk, Bing Cherry Chocolate Chunk, and Blue Cosmo. A serious treat for kids and adults, a visit to Mitchell’s Homemade Ice Cream should be your next Fall destination!




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