Hello Mio! Manhattan Toy Launches Whimsical Line with Contemporary Look – Giveaway!

We love the MIO house play set! My daughter loves to play house with her friends and dolls. These adorable wooden creations are so much fun! The two level house gives the dolls space and she loves to put them to bed. The sleeping bag matches the dolls apparel.


The toys are extremely high quality and come in bright, colorful box that is fun to open. It has such a modern look and feel.


My daughter enjoyed building the house and playing with the blocks, too. There are many things that the blocks can be used for, but she decided to make them into pillows.


She played with this for hours! And it’s pretty portable, too. The pieces fit nicely in the house to transport to a friend’s house to share during a playdate.

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MIO Sleeping + 2 People • Ages 3+ • $30
Is it nap time or bedtime? Kids will adore tucking in their Miodolls after building this two level house. Made of natural wood, this set features 1 room, 1 loft, 1 block, 6 cubes, 1 blanket, 1 pillow, 2 Mio beanbag people plus a useful drawstring storage bag.


Plop preschoolers amidst a pile of wood building pieces and beanbag dolls and there’s no telling what stories they might dream up. There are no rules when it comes to imagination. The same goes with the designers at The Manhattan Toy Company. The wow factor of their newest collection comes from a contemporary look to a land with hand-painted wood heads atop beanbag bodies residing in natural wood homes. Say hello to Mio (mee-yoh). Everyone we showed these sets to at Toy Fair went CRAZY for them. No exaggeration. Please, take a look!


Everyday adventures like eating, sleeping and driving get mixed with house pets (cat, dog) and woodland animals (skunk, bear, owl); that makes perfect sense to a 3-year-old. The adorable and surprisingly affordable MIO Camping + Bear ($16) set boasts a triangular natural wood structure with a blue bear and eight cubes to mix and match for an outdoorsy adventure.

All Mio sets work together. The People and Animal pieces fit snuggly in Mio’s car, school bus or loft. Each structure is beautifully crafted from blonde natural wood with interior walls painted in bright orange, yellow, pink and blue. Collect a few dolls and structures like the MIO Sleeping + 2 People ($30)

“>http://www.manhattantoy.com/p/mio-eating-2-people-coming-in-may/collections_mio?pp=24> .

What makes this collection like no other is the whimsical “dolls” that have soft beanbag bodies that stay put exactly where youngsters place them. The hand-painted faces of the People and Animals are endearing and made of sturdy wood. Like peanut butter and jelly, these materials beautifully blend together for a fresh, modern appeal.

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