Maze-O: The Mighty Maze Maker

President’s Day dawned gray and rainy this year. Another day without school and stuck in the house! We’ve had so many of these days this year. Luckily, I had a trick up my sleeve today: the Maze-O mighty maze maker starter set!

This innovative 52-piece set allows little ones to design, connect and build their own maze creations in just minutes. Think puzzles, but with a fun twist! Pieces come in four bright colors and a variety of connecting styles for endless possibilities. My kids immediately envisioned mazes with plenty of twists and turns for their toy trains and cars.

Pieces connect easily to each other so little hands can easily put them together. No clumsy connectors or tight fits mean kids can build and re-build with ease. Which means no frustration for your kids – or you!

In addition to the 52 pieces, the set comes with a set of flash cards with 30+ ideas for creating mazes. Examples include an elephant, smiling fish, skyscraper, castle and – my kids’ personal favorite – a race track. These cards also include fun facts and tips for building successful mazes. Cards are color-coded for easy, medium and hard building styles.

We enjoyed tackling the race track, but my kids were soon building their own tracks and “garages” for their toy cars. My 4.5-year-old son enjoyed making square and rectangle shapes and also mixing and matching the colors.

My daughter loved browsing through the cards and picking out the next item she wanted to build. Even I got into the challenge of building working mazes without meaningless dead ends or open edges. If your kids love STEM-focused toys, they will love figuring out how to build the pictures on the cards as well as create their own designs.

The Maze-O Starter Set can be purchased at these retailers or on Amazon ($28.31). Be sure to also “like” Maze-O on Facebook! And, for a limited time, comment on this post with your favorite rainy-day activity and you’ll enter to win a FREE Maze-O Starter Set. 

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