Mama’s Jewelry Mother’s Rings

I’ve been searching for a new right-hand ring for some time. My go-to rings are a double stack of a silver filigree given to me by my parents decades ago and a faded moonstone ring I bought in Athens, Ohio when I was still a college student (let’s not talk about how long ago that was!). So, I’ve been looking for something more sophisticated and more indicative to my life now (plus something that provides a better match to my engagement ring/wedding band on my left hand).

I was so excited when I happened upon Mama’s Jewelry by Central Diamond Center and their wide selection of mother’s jewelry. As you know, being a mom is not always the most glamorous job. But I loved the simple, stunning styles of what Mama’s Jewelry has to offer. I also was immediately drawn to the fact that this jewelry is not only beautiful, but it tells a story – the story of your family! Best of all, these eye-catching conversation starters look like they cost a million bucks (and are made of quality materials), but are extremely affordable! Designs start at only $69.

The ordering process on the Mama’s Jewelry web site couldn’t be easier. Simply select your style, metal type, the stones you’d like to include and confirm the sample image. As I mentioned, I liked the idea of a mother’s ring with the birthstones of myself and my husband and my two children. The site does the work for you after you select the months of your loved ones’ births. I chose sterling silver since I typically wear silver jewelry.

I anxiously awaited the arrival of my ring. When the package showed up in my mailbox, I couldn’t wait to see the finished product. The packaging didn’t disappoint and was a great way to present the piece as a gift. The ring itself is gorgeous… I haven’t taken it off since it arrived! I love the simplicity of it and the stones are beautiful and sparkly. And of course my favorite aspect of the ring is its meaning. My husband’s and my birthstones are on either end, with the birthstones of our son and daughter in between.

Mama’s Jewelry also offers customizable pendants and rings. Shipping is always free and the company offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee! Simply choose your favorite setting and metal, select your birthstones and the jewelry will be customized for you. Get started today at the Mama’s Jewelry web site.

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