Magnutto Make a Pet – Educational Magnetic Play Review and #Giveaway!


Neat-Oh! International, makers of award-winning kids’ products, launches Magnutto™ Make A Mood ($24.99), one of three new magnetic activity sets for kids as young as three years old. You can choose from Make A Pet, Make A Dino and Make A Mood! Kids are encouraged to make a faces with magnets on an easel as they explore different feelings and the words that express them.

Being able to recognize facial expressions boost a person’s EQ – emotional quotient. Toys that encourage empathy and emotions are getting high marks from parents as well as healthcare professionals. Kids may or may not recognize a scared cat, a mean dog or a worried classmate. But every feeling has a face™.


We reviewed the Magnutto Make A Pet ($24.99) and my 6 year old really enjoyed playing with this. In a world of video games and computers I love anything that engages my kids. This was it! Sean loved giving the puppy dogs and kitty cats funny faces, or mad faces! We laughed at some of the creations we came up with. This stands like an easel and the magnetic parts carry nicely in the tray below. This toy would be great for traveling in the car this summer. It’s quite and could engage them from quite sometime. There are so many parts to this you can build so many little characters. It’s not just faces either. The dogs have bodies, fancy collars, tails, different ear shapes and accessories. After we were done Sean stated he would like more of these Magnuttos.


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The $24.99 sets for ages 5 and up are stuffed with facial features, hair and headpieces for children to select, build, then discuss. The results might look like a Picasso portrait. Or it might be spot-on as to how a child is feeling at the moment. Either way, it’s a wonderful starting point for caregivers and children to openly discuss how people and four-legged friends express themselves.


We loved this so much we wanted to giveaway one Magnutto Play Set to our readers you can choose one from the Following:
Magnutto-Make a Dino, Magnutto-Make a Pet, Magnutto-Make a Mood. Enter Below! Good Luck!

Giveaway Magnutto Educational Magnetic Activity

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