Lullabuddy Speaker

I absolutely cannot sleep in silence. We have three fans in our bedroom and almost always they’re on to provide that necessary “white noise” to help me sleep. My children are also accustomed to the sound machines they’ve had in their rooms since they were babies.

But what to do when traveling? Hotel rooms can be noisy and unfamiliar, depending on the location, resulting in a restless night’s sleep for all members of the family. Not so with the new Lullabuddy, an amazing new innovation that provides a portable sound machine – and Bluetooth speaker! – in one tiny package.

This compact, three-inch square speaker comes preloaded with two hours’ worth of soothing, relaxing lullabies and love songs (from Mae Robertson’s award-winning collection). It also features a timer setting and the option to shuffle the pre-loaded songs. My four-year-old daughter was able to easily operate the Lullabuddy and is currently using it in her bedroom at night to help relax before bedtime.

But what’s really cool is this small silver cube is also a Bluetooth-enabled speaker, so not only can you use it to help you catch some Zs, you can take it anywhere you want to play music streamed through your smart phone or other device. Thus it’s a handy, non-invasive way to take all your music with you, whether you’re at home in your back yard, at your kids’ baseball games or at the beach this summer.

The Lullabuddy can be quickly charged via a USB port and features easy-to-use controls for volume, play/pause and skip/rewind. It’s available for $60.00 via or via the web site. Happy listening and happy dreaming, thanks to Lullabuddy!


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