LOVE & TOAST by Margot Elena: Obsession This Week!


Has anyone seen the LOVE & TOAST products by Margot Elena. I was doing some shopping the other day at Giant Eagle, my kids were enjoying themselves crafting at the Eagle’s Nest (the Eagles Nest is the best invention ever!). I love putting the kids in the Eagle’s Nest, because they are not throwing random junk food in the cart. I actually get to browse through the grocery store!

The Giant Eagle by my house is huge! They actually have a gigantic cosmetic section, they even do facials and apply make up there, I know crazy! Well I was browsing through the other day and discovered an awesome cosmetic line called LOVE & TOAST.

I fell in love with her Honey Coconut Classic Collection. Her products are not tested on animals, packed using paper sources come from 100% annually renewed resources. It’s made from natural alcohol, petrolatum free, paraben free, phthalate free, no animal ingredients and no artificial colors.

The best part of the collection is the Perfume. It smells like sweet honey, sugared vanilla, violet and sandalwood. It is a perfect scent for Summer!

Check out their products they are well priced and make of good things! Click Here to visit their website.

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