BrickUniverse Columbus LEGO Fan Expo was spectacular!

Wow! My boys like Legos, but not as much as these people!!! We attended the BrickUniverse Columbus LEGO fan Expo as an extra birthday gift to my seven-year-old. He was in his glory! There were several booths set up with huge intricate displays of Legos. From towns and cities, to national monuments, to reenactments of some of our country’s important moments in history, this was serious stuff!

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They also had tables set up with mounds of Legos for the kids (and adults) to use their imagination and build their very own creations. This mom was thrilled to see hand sanitizer scattered amongst the bricks.

photo 1 (7)  photo (6)

There was plenty of artwork by LEGO Artist Rocco Buttliere: Over 40 different world skyscrapers and
landmarks built-to-scale in LEGOS.

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There were contests, LEGO DUPLO for the little ones, LEGO retail, Monochromatic builds (limiting the materials to one color and one size creates amazing results), BRICK Theater where you could learn from LEGO experts, artists, master builders, and authors in teaching session throughout the day, and so much more!

If someone you know is interested in Legos, go check this out in a city near you! You will definitely never look at Legos the same way again!

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