Kids, Let’s Get Cooking with Handstand Kitchen!


Kids love to help out in the Kitchen! If your kids love Kitchen cooking as much as mine I have the perfect product for you! Handstand Kitchen, lets chefs as young as preschoolers measure, toss, stir and bake with amazing results from Chicken Lettuce Wraps to Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes. Of course wearing a pint-size chef’s hat, apron and holding junior-sized utensils makes this delicious fun!

We tested out the Pizza Making Set. My kids love pizza, but it has to have the right amount of cheese and the right amount of sauce so why not have them make it themselves. The kit came with everything we needed (and more)!

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We bought some Pizza Dough at the grocery store, some pizza sauce, cheese and pepperoni. The Pizzeria Set also came with recipe cards for all kinds of unique pizzas, even a nutella pizza! We opted for a traditional cheese and pepperoni. This was so easy and so fun! The kids rolled out the pizza with the rolling pin. We put it in the plastic pizza container. Put our sauce and toppings on and that’s it..into the oven it went. I think we cooked it for about 20 minutes. This plastic pizza cooker is awesome! The pizza puffed up and was absolutely cooked perfectly all the way through. Your own personal pizza maker! We used our pizza cutter provided in the box and that was it! This was easier than cooking a frozen pizza and of course was way more delicious and fun to make. My kids loved this. This makes an incredible gift! It is so unique and such a quality product that is great for family night. I am definitely checking out their other products this holiday season because they are affordable and wonderful!

Use discount code “HSK20” to save 20% off anything on her entire site through December 24.

All of their sets are very affordable! They range from $25-$40.
Intro to Baking $25.00
Pizza Making Set $30.00
Cookies for Santa $40.00

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