Kid’s Cute Placemat

Having trouble getting your little one to sit at the dinner table long enough to actually eat dinner? Try making them a personalized placemat! All you need is an 11×17 colorful piece of construction paper, pictures, and items to decorate (stickers, markers, etc.). Embellish both sides if you’re feeling up for it! Since you will be taking this to a local copy shop or office supply store to laminate, just make sure you don’t use excessive glue, crayons, or colored pencils, because they will melt in the laminating machine. Laminating it makes for a quick and easy washable surface. For kids, having their very own spot may make them feel special and happy to be “stuck at the table”. They will enjoy looking at the pictures and telling stories about where they were and who they were with at the time of the shot. Include cousins, friends, or special moments in their life. Before they know it, they will have cleaned their plate and you will have had a nice trip down memory lane with your lil’ buddy.


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