Josie Maran Color Sticks: Obsession This Week!

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I love Josie Maran Color Sticks. I have been slowly testing out some of Josie Maran’s Argan Oil Cosmetic line. I am drawn to her products because they are 100% Organic completely chemical free! I love a little color on my lips but I don’t do gloss and I hate having a pair of lizard lips. The winters completely suck all of the moisture out of my body. I like to feel hydrated not deprived. I have heard about argan oil and it’s many cosmetic benefits. I started by purchasing Josie Maran’s 100% organic argan oil and I love it. I was using it as a day and night moisturizer. It actually sinks into your skin so it does not look greasy. My only issue with the argan oil is I use a dry powdered foundation and the oil gets into the powder and messes it up a bit. It’s little bit of a problem, but it looks great under makeup so I am working to solve this problem.

So next I thought I would try her color sticks. I loved them so much after I bought one, I bought another. I have the Love and the Beautiful stick. Her whole collection is very natural. I don’t think you can go wrong choosing a color. They are so hydrating and just the right hint of color. The color is long wearing and they stay on your lips for awhile.

Josie Maran color sticks are great for this cold winter, you can also use them as a blush. Just rub them into your cheeks. I said I have two and I might buy a few more. I find myself only using these since I got them.

Check them out Here they retail for $22.00

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