Jet Express Ferry – The Fastest Way to Get to Put-in-Bay, Ohio

After many trips to Put-in-Bay over the years, we have decided that the easiest and funnest way to get there is the Jet Express Ferry. It is the fastest and most direct way to Put-in-Bay, Kelly’s Island and Cedar Point. It’s a wonderful adventure every time!
A convenient indoor/outdoor bar is located right near the dock to grab a drink while you’re waiting to board the Jet Express Ferry in Port Clinton, Ohio.
As you pull away from the dock to get whisked away to your Island getaway, there are many sites to see. It only takes 30 minutes to get to the island.
You can sit on the lower deck inside or on the upper deck indoors or outdoors. I chose to join the captain upstairs for a primo view!
As we approached PIB, also known as South Bass Island, there’s a great view of the Perry Monument.
The Jet Express drops you right off downtown PIB. As soon a you arrive, the best thing to do is stop and get a golf cart for an easy and fun way to explore the island.
Once you grab a cart, you can head to all of the restaurants; bars, wineries, caves, and even a butterfly museum.
My favorite stop iJet Express Ferry – The Best Way to Get to Put in Bay to put my feet in the sand and the Fishbowl for live music.
I can’t go to PIB without stopping at The Boardwalk for some famous lobster bisque.

There is something for everyone at Put-in-Bay!

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