i-Mat Alphabet and Voice Pen from Creative Baby Inc – Very Fun and Educational at the Same Time!

We just got the i-Mat Alphabet and Voice Pen from Creative Baby Inc. http://www.creativebabyinc.com and my daughter has not stopped playing with it! It’s very fun and educational at the same time. My husband and I have had so much fun playing this with her and have already spent hours with it.

First we put the puzzle mat together. My daughter loves doing puzzles and I always make a big deal and give her a lot of positive reinforcement when she gets the pieces in the right spot.


Then put batteries in the pen, read the easy to follow instructions and went over the colors with the pen.


The Voice Pen has basic and advanced games and makes real animal sounds and music.


I have to say that the most fun and entertaining part of the I-Mat and Voice Pen were when we recorded the animal sounds. My husband, daughter and I took turns with each letter to record the animal noises. I don’t think the three of us have ever laughed so hard in our lives!


You can even teach your child key words in English, Spanish and Chinese in a fun and interactive way with the Voice Pen. You just select the language like in the picture below and then the voice pen actually talks in that language.


Check out the Interactive Learning System items from Creative Baby Inc. at http://www.creativebabyinc.com and at Buy Buy Baby http://www.buybuybaby.com/store/brand/creative-baby/4064?ta=typeahead

These mats and Voice Pens are great for older siblings to play with babies or toddlers in the family, too.



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