Honest History: The Adventure Magazine for Young Historians

As a self-described history buff, I often take my kids to historical monuments, museums and other locations where they can learn more about the past and the world around them. Finding toys and reading materials that reinforce this learning helps fill in the gaps for my kids – and for me! Honest History magazine is a perfect example of a way to partner the concepts and time periods that define our history with a love of reading and learning.

Honest History magazine was started “as a place for kids to explore the past and re-discover stories of people, just like us, who changed the world. ” It is published quarterly and aimed at children in the 6-12 age range. Upon reviewing the table of contents of one Honest History issue, I was immediately drawn to the content as well as the way it’s displayed. Articles are chock full of interesting information and engaging graphics, all encouraging “children to conduct their own research and uncover stories of their own, supported by data and accompanied by a sense of adventure.”

I especially liked the timeline of world events in Issue 9 (An Era of Exploration). Features like these make it easy for me to sit down with my kids (ages 6 and 7) and walk through important historical events and get their input and impressions. I feel like reviewing these items now will make them more prepared for their future history classes and discussions about key world events.

Other editions, such as Issue 8: The Spirit of the Game, analyze the history and significant cultural impact of the Olympic Games. Interviews of athletes, a timeline of exciting Olympic events, a profile of the Paralympic Games as well as a rundown of nations’ flags create learning opportunities for a wide variety of ages and discussion topics across the board.

Honest History offers subscriptions ($69.99 annually) as well as single issues for sale ($17.95 each). These magazines are beautifully and creatively designed and are meant to be saved as a keepsake and read over and over again. For more information, check out the links below (be sure to follow Honest History on Facebook and Instagram!):




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