Great Adventures Await at Great Wolf Lodge

Last weekend we decided to take a pre-summer getaway to the Lake Erie islands and Port Clinton/Sandusky area. While there, we had the opportunity to visit Great Wolf Lodge in Sandusky. We had the most amazing time from beginning to end! We decided to spend our morning exploring the dry activities on site. Our favorites included:

Magiquest: What kid doesn’t love the idea of a magic wand unlocking secret messages? This popular adventure quest game has a strong presence at Great Wolf Lodge, and my kids were fascinated with the special effects brought to life with their wands. Simply visit the Magiquest shop to purchase your wand, select your Wizard name and then head to the third floor to choose a quest. Then look for the Magiquest symbol next to features throughout the lodge and aim the wand to make the magic happen!

Arcade: We could have spent hours in the Great Wolf Lodge arcade, which is filled to the brim with classic and cutting-edge arcade games for children of all ages. Make sure to pick up a Paw Points card, which allows you to easily access all the games and fill/refill with credits. And of course, like most traditional arcades, games spit out tickets that you can redeem for a variety of prizes.

Creation Station: Kids can easily bring home one of the Great Wolf Lodge characters by selecting one from the Creation Station in the lobby gift shop and helping to fill their character with stuffing. They can also select from a variety of adorable outfits for their character. Both of my children loved stepping on the “accelerate” pedal to help stuff their animals!

Gift shop extras: While in the gift shop, be sure to check out some of the other special features, such as the personalized leather ID bracelets and the candy cups that can be filled with Jelly Belly jelly beans. Yum!

After a quick lunch break, we took a quick spin through some of the room options available at Great Wolf Lodge. I will definitely be heading back sometime soon to stay in the Log Cabin room! What a fantastic extra for kids and an adventure that they’ll remember forever. In addition, the loft rooms offered plenty of space for families with living areas upstairs as well as downstairs. Great Wolf Lodge offers a variety of room types to serve every type of family!

Finally, we were ready for the main attraction: the water park!

Great Wolf Lodge boasts 22,000 square feet of indoor water fun, featuring several individual areas with unique features to cater to all ages. My daughter is slightly nervous around water, but she was incredibly comfortable in the areas designated for younger kids – more or less splash pads with fun water features. We both loved the lazy river… there’s nothing better than floating on an inner tube at a relaxed pace, especially when it’s pouring rain outside, which it was on the day we visited.

My son loved the central water park features with dozens of slides, secret passageways, obstacles and plenty of opportunities to get wet! The temperature inside the water park is extremely warm and balmy, so no worries about catching a case of the chills. And it was helpful to have a snack bar right inside the park so we could get a snack midway through our afternoon (not to mention Mom and Dad could have an adult beverage at the same time!). When we were finished with our water play, both kids enjoyed getting glitter tattoos at the gift shop within the water park. These temporary tattoos are embellished with your choice of glitter, and my kids loved showing them off at school the following week!

Plan your next family getaway today by visiting the Great Wolf Lodge web site! #greatwolflodge

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