Goldfish Swim School Review #GoldfishSwimCLE

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Disclosure: I was given one month of free swim lessions for both of my children in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

My boys attended Goldfish Swim School this past month and let me just say, Wow! I don’t think I have ever been so impressed by a swim lesson facility in my life. I myself attended swim lessons most of my life, then swim team, then I was a lifeguard so I am no stranger to the pool scene.

I signed my kids up for lessons at numerous swim places since they were little but I never stuck anywhere because frankly a lot of indoor pools are disgusting. My younger son had a liver transplant when he was two. One thing the doctors have always said was to be weary of indoor pools. They carry a lot of germs. We went to a very popular swimming place close to home and I couldn’t stand sitting outside of the pool it was gross. The changing area located in an old attic had an inch of dust on the floor, I was appalled and surprised how many people sent their children there. Cleanliness in a pool facility is VERY important to me.

Goldfish is an amazing place. It is a state of the art aquatic facility located in Warrensville Heights, Ohio. Goldfish is dedicated entirely to indoor swim classes and programs for children ages 4 months to 12 years. It is right off the highway so very convenient location. The facility is very impressive. It is like you traveled to a remote vacation spot. You walk in the place is large and colorful, you are greeted by welcoming staff and in the background your hear carribbean music. It was so nice!

The lady greeted us and took us on a tour of the facility. There are changing areas, not bathroom changing areas, but dressing rooms! Of course they also have bathrooms but I like that they had separate changing rooms. They also have a hair drying bar. Makes perfect sense! We started our lessons in March (it’s cold outside) it’s nice to be able to dry off the boys hair before they step outside. They also had a dryer for swimsuits. It was a little contraption you put the swimsuit in and it super drys it. So you don’t have to lug about of wet clothes around.

They have an outside pool area where parents can sit and watch through the giant glass wall. This is also where the children sit to wait to be called for their lesson. They have a chalk board, books and a real turtle in a tank. The kids are pretty entertained so it’s a nice set up.

The pool itself is broken down into extra wide lanes so their are a few lessons going on at a time. Each group is in a numbered lane. The teachers are great and are really excited about their job. They are not rough or forceful with the lessons but friendly and encouraging every step of the way. You will see a lot of high fives during class! Goldfish Swim School also has some great colorful props. I think it gets the children excited to be able to work on items such as the turtle kick boards.

After lessons, the parents are invited to come out to the pool and the teachers go over the skills worked on and how the child is progressing. It’s nice to get an update at the end of each class. Then sometimes the main pool manager teacher comes over to give a briefing too. Everyone at Goldfish is very attentive.

There are snacks and drinks available for purchase if your little ones need something after lessons. All that swimming works up an appetite.

My overall experience at Goldfish Swim School was incredible! It was so clean (so clean)! It was colorful and inviting and everyone there just makes you feel so welcome.

My kids loved going there. My older son Ryan just thrived swimming there. I highly recommend checking out Goldfish Swim School.

I would like to thank everyone at Goldfish for making our experience wonderful!


  1. Thank you so much for the review! We really appreciate it and are so happy you’ve had such a positive experience with us!

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