Give your little Sweathearts a Moosh Moosh for Valentine’s Day!


Believe it, or not, but Valentine’s Day is around the corner!  It pains me slightly to think of giving my children more candy especially after all of the holiday treats that have been filling the house for months. I like to try to find something that I can give as a small gift to replace candy…but every year that seems to become more difficult…HOWEVER,  I think I have discovered the perfect gift! Moosh-Moosh Pillow Pals!  These ultra-soft and snugly little pillow pals are the sweetest gift for your little sweeties, as well as a great gift for winter birthdays!

I was reading about these soft little pillows, but it was not until my children opened them up did I realize they were the softest, most snugly (is that a word) little pillows ever!  These pillows are so adorable!  They come in ultra girlie options with the ever so popular flip sequin, as well as some selections more suited for a boy (my 9 year old has Crush).

Crush has become “the it toy” since Moosh-Moosh™ launched its cuddly buddy collection earlier this year. Stack ‘em or squish ‘em, they are oh-so-cute. Moosh-Moosh has become a hit on Instagram as kids and celebrities can’t get enough of these pillow pals. Check out Slipperz, the oh-my-gosh adorable slippers for kids ($14.99) and kidults ($19.99). Best described as plush with a marshmallow-like texture, these pillow pals offer comfort, cuddles and company to youngsters, teens and college coeds. Add a little sparkle to the holiday with a pal from the Sequin Plushies Collection. Neighborhood stores including Michaels, CVS and Jo Ann have stockpiled the popular plush.

Newly released are the Slipperz (adult and children sizes) and coming in March 2019 hooded blankets!  Not to jump the gun on Easter, but that could go nicely in an Easter Basket!

My kiddos are head over heals in love with these pillow pals, even my 10 year old (who is definatley “to old” for these…so he says). Swapping out the candy and giving something that is sweet for your child to cuddle up with might just be the way to go this Valentine’s Day.  Keeps your little ones healthy and happy (mom too!).


Shop Moosh Moosh at  or  Amazon.


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