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Ever get to the checkout line at the grocery store and forget your reusable bags in the car? Ever fill your cart and then realize that your bags are underneath all your items? Well, that was the old me. Now, I have the Greenkeeper Bag and will never been unprepared at the checkout again!!

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Filled with bags, the sleek design clips to the outside front of the shopping cart so that it does not take up any space where the groceries go. When you are done checking out and ready to fill up the bags, it’s as easy as: 1,2,3.

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There is nothing worse than forgetting to get gifts for the teacher, the bus driver, and the nice next door neighbor right before the Holidays hit! And trust me, they don’t want another candle. Not to mention, your sister-in-law who’s incredibly difficult to shop for! Problem solved: Greenkeeper Bag. C’mon people it’s 2016, make going green easier with Greenkeeper Bag!


     I searched the world over for a solution to the dilema of ‘How do I remember to bring my bags with me, before I am already in the store?’  I came to find that there was nothing that could simplify my shopping.   I realized that another major problem was even when I did remember my bags, they ended up underneath everything in my cart = no access until after I (and everyone who shops) caused a minor delay.  Just like traffic, the checkout process slowed down bit by bit with each shopper. 

     After a couple years of trial and error, we finally have a great product that helps organize and streamline even more than my shopping.  The hooks allow me to hang the GreenKeeper virtually anywhere; I keep mine within view and out of the way while I’m driving.  I don’t have bags all over my trunk and backseat anymore: plus they never spill out.  My Mother, my Wife, my friends and I all stopped paying for more bags we don’t really need.  I use the straps to bring it inside while my hands are free to carry the groceries.  I unpack and replace my reusable bags straight into my GreenKeeper, hang it on the doorknob, take it with me next time I go back to the car, and BAM!, I am ready for the next time I head into any store.

I hope you use and love it as much as we do!

Ben Mankowski

co-creator and founding partner at GreenKeeper Bag

The First and Only universal container for holding ALL your reusable bags, that hooks on the outside of ANY shopping cart

Our one of a kind hooks could not be found in any marketplace, so they were drawn and  made from scratch.        .   Inquiries about options, bulk pricing, and customizing for your business      .       Inquiries about the shipping/tracking of your order             .       Interested in having GreenKeeper Bag at your next event


Sewn in elastic helps the top gather to keep your bags secure.

The four sewn in compressed cardboard panel design allows for collapsing and helps keep it’s shape.

Hooks are riveted to the case for a sturdy product.


Reduce – Reuse – Recycle

Reusable bags work only if we actually remember to use them.  The average non-woven tote bag should be used at least 11 times before its carbon footprint from manufacturing drops below that of the traditional plastic shopping bags.  A canvas tote needs to be used upwards of 130 times.  We need everyone’s participation to make this work and leave this planet a cleaner, greener, healthier place.


GreenKeeper Bag


Don’t go shopping without it!

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