Gift Guide: Paper Punk Fold-to-Play Kits!


We love Paper Punk fold kits in my house! These are fun for kids and great busy work. When your done kids have these fun little characters to play with.

Most families have fiddled with origami. And every kid has played with a Lego building set. Imagine combining the two and you have the concept behind Paper Punk where paper building blocks are transformed from flat pre-cut paper to a 3D illustrated masterpiece. It’s not just for kids but teens, college students and grownups also enjoy the creative process.


In a matter of minutes, SpongeBob ($12.95), Snow Gal/Snow Guy ($9.95) or Ape ($15.95) can appear in their 3D stand-up glory.


With no scissors or glue needed, Paper Punk leaves no mess. What it does leave is a wonderful feeling of accomplishment as kids use their emerging STEM knowledge to become architects, artists and engineers. Their final design is a tangible piece of art to be admired!

Paperpunk has so many awesome products to choose from. Check out their website to shop options. Prices start at just $9.95. These make great gifts for around the holidays!

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Paper Punk is an innovative paper-based building toy that provides endless imaginative and creative play for
humans of all ages. Founded by Grace Hawthorne, an entrepreneur, artist, author and educator, Paper Punk
produces kits for anyone aged 6 or above to transform with a few simple folds, colorful 2D flat shapes into
bold 3D geometric pieces. The results are spectacular looking paper toys and art forms. It was founded with a
simple ambition – to enable people to exercise their creativity and make things with their hands. For more
details, click on

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