Gift Guide: Ozobot Starter Pack $49.99

This holiday season, empower youngsters with the joy of coding with Ozobot Starter Pack ($49.99) available in Cool Blue or Lava Red. This was the coolest toy with endless possibilities. We are still learning all the cool stuff this little robot does.

Children can choose from a Blue or Red Ozobot Starter Pack. This is the perfect gift for your tech savvy 6+ year old. Inside each pack are over 20 activities for the enchanting one-inch programmable robot to perform. Look inside for 4 code-creating markers, 2 clear play surface sheets, 2 sheets of reusable Ozobot code stickers plus a DIY blank customizable Ozobot skin and DIY skin sticker sheet. Each pack comes with a charging USB cable. Instructions explain how to download free Android & iOS Apps.

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• Ozobot brings coding to life and empowers everyone to program and create their own games
• Download the free Ozobot Apps to play games, challenges and activities or even create your own games
• Draw color combinations to control and influence Ozobot’s behavior on paper and tablets
• Download Ozobot’s free STEM/STREAM based lesson plans & workshops, perfect for new ways to engage young minds
• Ozobot instills valuable life skills and a fundamental understanding of computer science & robotics

This is a great toy to have kids learn about the basic fundamentals of coding. Learning how to program is learning the language of today’s tech world. It is an essential tool to build their confidence and prepare them to lead tomorrow’s businesses whether in medicine, engineering, arts, farming or manufacturing!

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The easy to understand color based coding language makes Ozobot the perfect choice for introducing young minds to concepts that will be vital to their success in the 21st century.

You can purchase Ozobot at Barnes & Noble and ToysRUs.



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Our journey began in the spring of 2012 with an idea of finding creative ways to engage young minds and prepare them to succeed in an evolving digital world. Technology is an essential component to daily living and is integrated in almost everything we use and consume. At its core is computer science, critical thinking and programming and we believe it is our responsibility to teach our kids to not just be users of technology but makers of it. We also believe that the best way to learn is to have fun, so we set out to create Ozobot, a robotic gaming ecosystem that promotes social interaction, computational thinking and confidence building through competitive play and interactive games. Since its launch, Ozobot has garnered over a dozen of top industry awards such as 2015 KAPi Awards for Best Robot, CES 2015 Editors’ Choice Awards, and the 2015 Brain Toy award.

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