Gift Guide: Modarri Cars for Kids


If you need a novel, fun and affordable gift for kids ages 6 and up, look no further than the award-winning Modarri cars from Thoughtfull Toys. This is the perfect gift for little builders. Modarri has 9 cars and 4 accessory packages to choose from ranging in price from $10 – $49. You can spend hours building your own configurations. Even adults can enjoy this activity.

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“Designed by three dads,” begins the glowing review accompanying its Mr. Dad Seal of Approval for Father’s Day 2015, “Modarri cars can be configured and reconfigured in a variety of ways. And when you own more than one model, you can mix and match to your heart’s desire, swapping elements of the chassis, hood, seat pan, seats, fenders, frame and wheels. There’s a lot here for dads to love. First, introducing your kids to the idea of working with their hands is a great way to spend time together. Second, speaking of hands, these cars come with a real suspension, which makes it really fun to steer through the tightest loops and hairpin turns using only your thumb and index finger.”


This is the perfect toy for any child that likes to build things. Once built your have a quality car that is easy to drive around also. I love the quality of Modarri and I think it makes a great gift! It’s unique and different!

For more information visit:
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About Thoughtfull Toys
Thoughtfull Toys is a small toy company based in Santa Cruz, CA. Started in early 2013 by David
Silverglate, formerly of Rhino Toys which developed the stunningly successful Oball toy, the company is
dedicated to creating and selling beautiful, functional, durable toys. Silverglate sold Rhino Toys to Kids II
Inc. in 2010 and worked to develop new products for them through 2012 under a management transition
agreement. The products previously developed by Silverglate and his team are currently sold by the millions
each year in all major retailers, and some are currently still under development by Kids II.

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