Getting Organized At Home

I typically don’t have the time to clean out a drawer or closet because we’re always racing somewhere. But now, I am at home a lot and have more time on my hands to take a few moments and get organized! Getting organized helps us all feel less anxious and overwhelmed – like a weight has been lifted off of our shoulders.

Start by emptying out the drawer or cabinet completely. Then get rid of products you haven’t used in six months by tossing them or donating them.

Grab a couple of bins if you have them and start organizing your bathroom cabinets and drawers so they are tidy and you know where to find things.

Organize the hangers in your closet so they are all one color and color code your clothes by season. I am more likely to wear something when I can see it and know where to find it. Don’t forget to donate any clothes you no longer wear or like so you can free up some space.

This only takes a few minutes to do and you can tackle one drawer or closet each day. You will not only feel more organized when we are able to get back to our normal schedules, but you’ll also feel like you have accomplished something when you are bound to your house. Happy organizing!

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