Get The Dude for your next party!

Want to laugh until you cry? Craving a Game Night with friends? Then do Who’s The Dude? this hilarious game where every round includes the inflatable Dude Doll! As soon as I saw the cover on the box, I knew I had to have it!

It is super easy to set up, err, I mean, blow up (lol!).

Once he is full of hot air, let the good times roll. In this 30-minute timed game, players divide into two (or more) teams and try not to laugh out loud as they pick a card and then act out the charade. Pose the life-size Dude as the Statue of Liberty or slap some imaginary handcuffs on his hands behind his back to get your teammates to guess you are a police officer. Each boxed game includes one inflatable Dude, 440 Charades plus 50 Score sheets. Game night will never, ever be the same!


Who’s The Dude can be found at Target, it will be showcased on an endcap beginning June 15th. Other games from Identity Games can be found in stores and online. Identity Games and their oh-so-fun games always gather a crowd from Poopyhead and Mouthguard Challenge to the contained adventure series, Find It® Games. Bring The Dude to add fun to your next game night! You and your friends will be recapping through silly texts for days! It makes a fabulous 40th Birthday gift! Don’t miss out!

 Who’s The Dude? • Ages 16+ • $24.99 social media see @DudeIsGreatUSA, #dudeisgreat

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