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Staying active is a huge part of my life and I am always looking for fun, new fitness accessories.  FunLaces are a bright and colorful way to liven up boring tennis shoes!
They’re really easy to use and only take a few minutes to install the laces in your shoes!
My daughter actually had a blast sorting and organizing them!
We turned it into a fun project!
You can purchase them on Amazon:
I also love the FunH2OBelt to help me stay hydrated when I go for a long run!
They even have a reflective rim on the front in case you are running in the dark.  It’s so important to stay hydrated even in the winter when the air is so dry.  Purchase on Amazon:


Hydration Running Belt with Water Bottles 6oz - Waist Bag for Jogging, Hiking, Biking - Fitness Fanny Pack for Outdoors and Sports, with iPhone Samsung Holder Waterproof Pocket

When shopping on Amazon, all MomFabFun readers get 10% off any of these products with the code MomFabFun.

Also, some of the profit will be donated to charities like Water and Oxfam to provide clean water to developing countries.

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Discount Code: MomFabFun

FunH2OBelt is known as a hydration belt and loved by hundreds of customers in the US, EU, and Japan for the following reasons.
  • One of the biggest belts that can fit your big phone like iPhone 11 Pro Max, Samsung Galaxy 10, etc.
  • Comes with multiple colors to choose from
FunLaces are elastic no tie shoelaces, which bring you many advantages.
  • Time Saver – Turn any sneaker into a Slip-On
  • Easy to Install & Lock – Innovative design with star-shape tails to easily clip in
  • Fit Most Shoes – 10 different sizes, varying from 3.1 to 4.5 inch, the longest available to fit most US footwear

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